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The Environmental Choices study is being made available in 14 reports. These reports are described below. We have withdrawn the original reports for Environmental Choices whilst we make a major upgrade to a ‘2013 edition’ of each report. These new ‘2013 edition’ reports will be made available on an ongoing basis as we complete each one.

We have chosen Blurb as our publisher, and through their service you can preview the first few pages of each report, including the contents pages. Blurb have an option to buy the report as an ‘ebook’, or pdf as an alternative to (or as well as) a ‘print book’.

You can also see the pricing of the books once you click-through from the links shown below against each available report. In a nutshell, our 2015 rate card is to charge around $25 (Canadian dollars) for each report that we sell. Blurb then add a publishing fee on top, which means that the pdf format is the cheapest way to buy the reports, followed by the eBook, and then the printed versions. So, excluding sales tax, the prices of the Environmental Choices reports are:

pdf = CAN$29.99 each report

eBook = CAN$31.99 each report

Print = from around CAN$70 or more for each report depending on length of the report and what format options you choose, with postage charged on top

The Environmental Choices reports are shown below, categorised into 3 section types.

SECTION 1: Personal attitudes, feelings and behaviour

  • 1.a Attitudes towards climate change – (eBook and Print/pdf editions available, Sep 2013)
  • 1.b Feelings towards climate change
  • 1.c Behaviour towards climate change

SECTION 2: Social physics 

  • 2.a Influencers and social tipping points
  • 2.b Government mandates for action on climate change
  • 2.c Values, passions and incentives – in relation to climate change – (eBook and Print/pdf editions available, Feb 2015)

SECTION 3: Low-carbon sector analysis

  • 3.a Power generation: coal, nuclear power and Repower America
  • 3.b Organizations, media and marketing campaigns – in relation to climate change  – (eBook and Print/pdf editions available, Feb 2014)
  • 3.c Climate change and the home
  • 3.d Green energy companies and micro-CHP – (eBook and Print/pdf editions available, Sep 2013)
  • 3.e Flying and telepresence
  • 3.f Transport, cars and car-sharing organizations
  • 3.g Carbon-offsetting and business reputations
  • 3.h The branding of climate change – (eBook and Print/pdf editions available, Oct 2013)

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